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Some Challenges taken and completed before time and achieved customer satisfaction.  Read for the latest Projects completed and be one of them

PROJECT //  01

Going Offline to Online..

A Garment brand was doing good business in the offline mode... exports primarily and local.  The urge to expand and scale their business pan India and then Globally, and through e-commerce aggregators to be everywhere was the Target.The search for different platforms available which can achieve their Objectives in the minimalist time; lead them to deciding, testing and go live in flat 30 days. Their benefits being the back end infra & resources was already in place. Right from deciding on the categories on the apparels to be launch, creating a photo shot for the Garments, descriptive for the same was done parallel'y. Creating the Framework, Designing the Templates, Product categorisation, with details and pricing , tagged to Social sites...lot of sweat..but the end result was inspiring. 
Next came the Payment gateway integration, inventory management and finance was in place..and logistics tie-ups..
Then came the the task of registering with e-commerce platforms and the routine work which took some time and after the initial hickups we were ready and trained their staff on the granularity...with minor edging out difficulties and 

PROJECT //  02

The Pandemic started employees work from home and Companies felt the heat of not able to help their Customers on time. 
Why Is my employee not able to help the Customer ?
Is there Geniune challenge or is it something else ?
Have my employee become lax and doing what he is supposed to do ?
Is he over utilising the systems and underserving the customer ?

Are they misusing ? Is my  information safe ?

These and many such challenges on the Efficiceny and Productivity of the Employee made them test and start utilising solution which help them tramline their process and work ethics .
Right process and Right application , continuous tweaking and re calibrating the solution for different locations, time zones, shifts and the application being used..made their customer delightful 

Importantly they were able to weed out the risky and unwanted elements from their team and building up on the Efficiency and their Productivity which help ed them lower the un necessary man hours put in my over worked employees.

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